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Background to ASPIRE.

The process to establish Aspire Community Development Foundation (ASPIRE), a charity organization, started in 2010. The aim of ASPIRE is to promote development activities and contribute to poverty alleviation among its beneficiaries living in rural, peri-urban and urban areas. Uganda is still an underdeveloped country especially in rural, peri-urban and urban areas with an Human Development Index of 0.484 ranked 164th t out of 187 countries in 2013.

To achieve its aim, ASPIRE working with other stakeholders seeks to promote development activities including: Support of education for vulnerable children, Training of youths in vocational skills, Promotion of agricultural development among the members and other small scale activities, Promotion of community welfare and awareness, Giving assistance to suffering humanity like the aged, infirm, people with serious disabilities, widows or communities hit by catastrophes like droughts or earthquakes to relieve suffering, among other interventions.

Improving the lives of people facing food shortage in Uganda

Uganda is still suffering the effects of food crisis. Although the region has never received large amounts of rain, the climate is getting drier and rainfall, normally recieved in March-June and August-December is decreasing further.

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Improving the lives of people with disabilities in Uganda

All over the world, people living with disabilities often face many obstacles to being fully involved in society compared to the rest of the population. This is especially true in poor communities in developing countries like Uganda .

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Transforming lives of women in Uganda

Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world and has one of the worst levels of gender inequality in the world in terms of resource distribution. A lot still has to be done to eliminate the gender inequality.


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Current Projects

ASPIRE is piloting a number of interventions in Masaka District, a rural District in Southern Uganda and is understanding piloting of new projects in Wakiso District, a peri-urban District in Central Uganda as well as Kampala District,an urban District. The charity is therefore seeking funds, partnerships and volunteers to enable it to implement its activities more effectively and build self sustaining capacity.


It is humane to help other people in our generation who are fundamentally deprived. Donation can change the lives of needy people. For more information on how to donate to Aspire Community Development Foundation, contact us through or

Tel: +256-704-885809

Get involved as a volunteer

Giving your time as a volunteer will be greatly appreciated. Why volunteer? By volunteering with us, you will add to the human effort to improve the lives of some of the world's poorest people. It will also be an opportunity to meet these people and understand better the conditions in which they live. We need people who are eager and ready to share the work of communicating our vision. Volunteering with us is a way to use your skills, gain work experience in the developing world, work for a cause you believe in, meet like- minded people, have fun and carry out research for the good of the organization and yourself. :


Time shall be your most valuable donation Why Volunteer? By volunteering with us , your time improves the lives of some of the worlds poorest people We need people who are eager and ready to share the work of communicating our vision Volunteering with us is a way to: -use your skills -gain work experience -work for a cause you believe in -meet-like minded people -have fun

How can I apply as a volunteer?

Contact ASPIRE for more information at Tel: +256-704-885809