• Objectives and Activities ASPIRE
    The aims of ASPIRE will be fulfilled in the areas of operation and for selected beneficiaries through achievement of the following minimum objectives:-

    • To increase opportunities of employment and self-employment by low income earners;
    • To increase access of children and the youths to formal education;
    • To promote community welfare and awareness;
    • To relieve human suffering related to poverty and disasters;
    • To increase the access of credit by low income earners;
    • To undertake other activities for the benefit of low income community members.

    Activities of ASPIRE

    To achieve its objectives ASPIRE is undertaking or will in the future undertake the following activities;

    • To increase opportunities for self employment through marketable vocational skills training, promotion of agri-businesses, promotion of income generating activities particularly suitable  for low income earners with a gender balanced perspective and development of marketable talents among community members like athletics, games and film acting
    • To increase access to education by disadvantaged children and youths-boys and girls- through paying school dues for bright orphans and youths from poor families, setting up model schools for such children and other children who can pay-such payments will partly offset school dues for the children and youths from poor families. ASPIRE will also construct schools where they are lacking or rehabilitate dilapidated government schools. Benefitting children or youths will be supported up to completion of tertiary education.


    • To promote community welfare and awareness through participation in government programmes like immunization of children, conducting health awareness campaigns, construction or rehabilitation of health units, construction and maintenance of modern but affordable medical institutions, sourcing and donation of drugs to public and non-profit health institutions, running an effective ambulance service for rural areas, conducting adult literacy classes, training community members in development, civic, human rights and good governance issues and promoting research and advocacy.


    • To relieve human suffering through donation of basic necessities and income generating assets to vulnerable people including orphans living by themselves, people with disabilities, old people with no relatives capable of looking after them, poor widows and widowers, chronically sick poor and victims of calamities like droughts, landslides, floods,  earthquakes or war.
    • Promoting access of low income earners to micro-finance services through setting up a semi-autonomous micro-finance institution to extend loans, saving and small business training services to members and non-members of ASPIRE.


    • Through research and consultations to identify new and beneficial interventions for low income earners. 
  • Beneficiaries and expected benefits

    The activities of ASPIRE are expected to yield the following direct benefits to children, the youths and adults:-


    The benefits which are expected to accrue particularly to children under the Project include:-

    • Education in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions;
    • Basic literacy;
    • Protection against abuse.


    The youths trained under the charity are expected to get the following benefits:-

      • Vocational skills which will increase their capacity to employ themselves or to be employed;
      • The assets donated to them will serve as starting or additional capital to employ themselves;
      • The standard of living for the youths and their ability to look after their families will improve;
      • Micro - finance services from the micro-finance unit or other Micro-finance institutions.


  • Adults are expected to obtain the following direct benefits from ASPIRE:-

    • Income generating skills.
    • Adult education.
    • Life skills.
    • Ambulance services.
    • Civic education.
    • Micro - finance services from the micro-finance unit;

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