Where we work

Where we work
ASPIRE is currently working in Masaka District , a rural District located in Southern Uganda and is understudying pilot activities for Wakiso District a peri-urban District and Kampala District an urban District in Central Uganda. The activities of ASPIRE will subsequently be rolled out to six(6) other Districts in different geographical regions  of Uganda. Thereafter, ASPIRE will start operations in other countries and thus become an international organization.


We are here for the good of others who are really in need, your donation will change many lives of the needy For more information on how to donate to Aspire community Development foundation, contact us on

inquiries@aspirecomdevdonations.org.ug or
Tel: +256-704-885809.



A dwelling for the poor


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It is humane to help other people in our generation who are fundamentally deprived.  Donation can change the lives of needy people. For more information on how to donate to Aspire Community Development Foundation, contact us through

info@aspirecomdev.org.ug or Tel: +256-704-885809