Improving the lives of people with disabilities in Uganda

Across the world, people living with disabilities often face more obstacles to being fully involved in society than the rest of the population. This is especially true in poorer communities The Organization, delivered will improve prospects for many thousands more and continue to make a difference into the future.

Money donated to this Project will help to:

  • Provide training and careers guidance for people living with disabilities
  • Improve job prospects for people living with disabilities
  • Improve working conditions, including workplace adaptation
  • Increase awareness of issues people living with disabilities face – particularly among employers
  • Improve the laws that protect the rights of people living with disabilities

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Kaggwa, a disabled youth living alone urgently needs help


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It is humane to help other people in our generation who are fundamentally deprived.  Donation can change the lives of needy people. For more information on how to donate to Aspire Community Development Foundation, contact us through or    
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