Improving the lives of people facing food shortage in rural and per-urban areas

Uganda is still suffering from the effects of food shortage. Although the country in the past used to receive large amounts of rain, the climate is getting drier and rainfall is decreasing further. The effects are felt more the poorest communities, where harvests are failing and hunger is a painful reality. Moreover, for many access to clean, safe water, food markets and healthcare is restricted as travel is difficult due to poverty, ignorance, poor roads or lack of transport.
We are working with local families to increase agricultural production and household income, and to improve the nutritional state of children.

Through ASPIRE, households will receive improved seeds and fertilizers, as well as training in production. Farming groups will be developed, so that work is collaborative and benefits everyone.

Money donated to this project will help to:

  • provide modern agricultural tools to community members,
  • construct modern wells and bore holes for clean water access,
  • provide training in modern farming methods to increase food production,
  • provide livestock such as hens and pigs in order to protect families from ongoing droughts, providing them with food and an income when harvests fail.

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It is humane to help other people in our generation who are fundamentally deprived.  Donation can change the lives of needy people. For more information on how to donate to Aspire Community Development Foundation, contact us through or    
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