Transforming women's lives in Uganda

Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world and has low levels of gender inequality. More than one in five people live below the poverty line, and the average life expectancy at birth is just 58. Income inequalities persist mostly to the disadvantage of women. The vast majority of women are illiterate. Women are more likely to die in childbirth more especially in villages.

Adult education training and participation in community and national decision-making are key .issues to women emancipation in the developing world. With your support, women in  a poor country like Uganda can have a voice and influence decisions that affect them. The organization provides training on curbing gender based income inequality, primary health care, domestic violence, enhanced gender roles in domestic and public affairs,  human rights and government service delivery programmes. In addition, the organization intend to provides funds to help women start their own businesses, so that they can support themselves and their families.



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